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Nutra Supplements is one of the Pioneer Manufacturers of Sports and Military Training Supplements. We are one of the major Sports Supplements manufacturers in India, with our manufacturing facility in Pune. Important details are attached herewith, for your kind reference.

Major  highlights

  1. Certified by FDA.
  2. The Only Sports Supplements Company in India to be certified as ‘DOPE FREE” by Banned Substance Control  Group –   USA. We have been listed as MOST TRUSTED Supplement BRAND among Top 40 Worlds  Brands  as  DOPE FREE Supplements
  3. We undertake Sports Nutritional Analysis Program (SNAP ) to understand the nutritional requirement for each and every individual  sports person. (
  4. Tried, tested and approved by Armed Force Sports Medicine Centre (AFSMC)
  5. We are a part of “Mission Olympic”. Of  Army Sports Institute (ASI- Pune) as a Nutritional Support by way of DOPE FREE supplements , have developed specialized supplements under the guidance of Sports Medicine specialist and foreign coaches at ASI.
  6. Have formulated Protein supplements based on Age group. The special supplements are for sports kids aged from 3-8 years, 8-15 years and above 15  years.
  7. The ONLY sports supplements with Sports specific formulation. Working closely with Army Sports Institute (ASI) Pune.
  8. Have formulated Sports supplements specifically  for Female Athletes.
  9. 100% Vegetarian and use Germinated Whole Wheat and Whey as the major ingredient in our products.
  10. NO added preservatives and chemicals.
  11. Products are supplied ONLY through  Institutes and  ONLY after SNAP ( Sports Nutrition Analysis Program)

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