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Kinder Sports


Kinder Sports is one of the leading Sports Education Company with the Vision to bring about holistic development through sports and we focus to create a better sports culture where talents can be transformed into champions in a healthier environment.

Kinder Sports brings ALPHA Program wherein with a multi-component approach; schools are able to encash all the opportunities for the students to be physically active, go through the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity each day and develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence to be physically active for a lifetime.
The program reflects strong coordination and synergy across all of the components.

We started with the belief of inculcating sports from the initial phase of childhood where a strong base needs to be developed we promote sports amongst children in a relaxed yet professional manner, thus striving for excellence. It is not just our commitment towards creating an excellence at par but also devotion to create a healthy tomorrow.

Kinder Sports have executed its Physical Education Programme and Sports Capsules. We have also facilitated various schools by providing the world class infrastructure like H2O Swimming Pools.


A structured program to introduce sports to the students before, during and after school hours is essential to develop a lifelong love for sports. Our program isn’t just great-they are amazing! All equipment's for each program is provided and is setup at your school for each session. Our experienced and motivational instructors will have all students participating and having fun whilst getting fit and learning new skills at the same time.


Thanks to the advantage of a light, sturdy and easily adaptable structure. It is possible to build H2O pools in the challenging environment including above ground in high rise buildings, in small inaccessible spaces, on soils with low load bearing capacity. An In-House design team along with state-of-art manufacturing capacity, we can deliver pools with high end finish and millimetric precision.


Right Equipment is necessary to complement a structured curriculum and a great coach. A range of products and sports surface option is provided to exact your needs and budget. Infrastructures that are appropriate to age, training proficiency and utility are designed and delivered accordingly. Consultancy on maximization of available space is also provided.


Mentorship and intensive training are instrumental once the student has realized his sport of interest. Focus on building endurance base, develop speed and strength to further develop and consolidate sports skills .A step-by-step guidance for his workouts, recovery, mental training and participation in right competition becomes keys to success.


Our client base includes Sports Authority of Gujarat, GGIS, Lokseva E- School, Jnana Prabodhini Prashaala and Amanora School.

Kinder Sports has worked with over 75 schools in 6 different states and has been associated with more than 40,000 students in imparting the training.