14th December 2018

Bombay Exhibition Center

Global Sports Marketing Forum

The sports sector in India has witnessed a number of recent developments, which have contributed to its significant growth. Although cricket continues to be the leading sport in the country, other sports have also gathered sizeable interest over the past few years. Establishment of new leagues in football, hockey and less established sports such as kabaddi is changing the face of Indian sports. With Indian Sports Fans
fuelling 6+ professional sports leagues round the year, add to it an appetite for a few more, ‘Sports’ is rapidly gaining momentum in India.

The future of sport in India is fast changing and this has major implications for federations & right holders, sports broadcasters, organizations who wish to use it as a medium to communicate with the fans and government & policy makers at large. To maintain a flourishing growth, it’s important to get the stakeholders driving this growth together to shape the sector for a sustainable future.

The Times of India – Global Sports Marketing Forum (GSMF)

The Global Sports Marketing Forum will bring together the league organizers, team owners, associations, policy makers, marketers, broadcasters, and leading stakeholders, who are involved in the business of sports under one umbrella, to discuss the trends, opportunities, challenges and innovations in the sports marketing domain and what it would take to put Indian Leagues on the global radar. The GSMF is a strategically designed knowledge discourse with some of the sharpest minds to create an engaging information exchange, with the motive to catalyse and leverage sports in India.


Why you should be here?

Whom to expect?

  • Brands investing in sports
  • Sports Franchise Owners
  • Sports League Representatives
  • TV Production
  • Digital Content
  • Sports Broadcasters
  • Right Holders/Private Sports Event/League Owners
  • Sports Federation
  • Sports Merchandisers
  • Grassroots/Academies
  • Sports Infrastructure
  • Leisure Sports Management
  • Sports Tourism
  • E-Sports
  • Fan Experience Agency
  • Research Agency
  • Sports Sponsorship Consultancy
  • Ticketing Agency
  • AthleteManagement/Scouting Agency