15th December 2018

Bombay Exhibition Center

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Global Sports Science Summit

For india to achieve its sports objectives, and to be considered one of the leading nations within the global sports gambit, it needs to build further upon its strength areas as well as work towards creating a healthy talent pool in sports.

Recent years have witnessed steady introduction of sports sciences within the domain of sports. With a strong focus at amplifying athlete performances through optimised nutritional development, advanced training methods, technology enabled analytics and injury rehabilitation, athlete health management is currently witnessing a dynamic overhaul.

Sports sciences incorporates the fields of sports physiology, psychology, bio-mechanics, nutrition and technology. With the ability to record data at every second of a game, the implication of technology has proved to be a multi facet advantage. The advent of smart wearables have further boosted health monitoring capabilities, with built-in technology to collect bio-mechanical data, which can be applied not only to an athlete’s health but performance and equipment characteristics as well.

The Times of India – Global Sports Science Summit

While the sports culture in india is witnessing a real transformation with a large number of sports gaining importance, high quality nutritional and technological advancements still remains a concern. hrough an array of discussions and real time case studies, the masterclass will provide a realistic insights on the possible transformations and future of sports in india. The intent is to initiate a dialogue within the arena of sports science with focused knowledge discourses, which in turn, would have a long term influence on india’s sports ecosystem.


Why you should be here?

Whom to expect?

  • Young Athletes
  • Parents Of Athletes
  • School Sports Teachers
  • Coaches
  • Sports Club Officials
  • State Sports Federations
  • National Sports Federations
  • Policy Makers
  • Physiotherapist
  • Sports Medicine Practitioners
  • Sports Nutrition Students
  • Sport Nutritionist
  • Sports Specific Fitness Trainers
  • Sports Technology Providers
  • Sports Science Institutes
  • Sports Medicine Institutes
  • Sports Performance Labs
  • Athlete Sponsoring Associations