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15th December 2018

Bombay Exhibition Center

Global Sports Tech Summit

The technological evolution in recent years, has had a significant influence on the way world economies now function. Today’s highly digitized ecosystem have impacted every corner of society, every industry – from private business to government bodies, educational institutes, and healthcare facilities. Recent years have witnessed steady introduction of technology within the domain of sports, which are focused at amplifying athlete performances through analytics and advanced training methods, fan engagement experiences and online gaming. Injury prevention, performance enhancement, and health management of athletes have also witnessed a major overhaul, in light of technological adoptions which have helped derive break through insights.

With the ability to record data at every second of a game, the implication of technology has proved to be a multi facet advantage. The advent of smart wearables have further boosted health monitoring capabilities, with built-in technology to collect biomechanical data, which can be applied not only to an athlete’s health but performance and equipment characteristics as well. The high level of visual capabilities to track on field performance, analyse and assist crucial judgement calls which need to be transmitted at high speeds are also enabled through enhanced broadcasting technologies.

The Times of India – Global Sports Tech Summit (GSTS)

While the sports culture in India is witnessing a real transformation with a large number of sports gaining importance, high quality technology and infrastructural advancements still remains a concern. Based on the application type, the Sports Tech market is segmented into team management analysis, fan insights and engagement, business operations, injury, health assessments, broadcasting and online gaming. Through an array of panel discussions and real time case studies the conference will provide a realistic insight on tech enabled transformation and the possible future of Sports in India.



Delegate Profile

  • Digital Content
  • E-Sports
  • Fan Experience Agency
  • Grassroots Academies
  • Leisure Sports Management
  • Right Holders/Private Sports Event/League Owners
  • Sports Franchise Owners
  • Sports League Representatives
  • Sports Broadcasters
  • Sports Federation
  • Sports Merchandisers
  • Sports Infrastructure
  • Sports Technology Enablers
  • Sports – Tech Startups
  • Sports Coaches & Physiotherapists